Dr. S.S. Ahuja BDS, MDS

Formerly PRINCIPAL, College of Dentistry, Indore
Madhya Pradesh, India.

21 October, 2004


        I take great pride in introducing one of the most brilliant and extermely dilligent students of my entire career as a teacher of Dentisty spanning three decades, Dr. Mukkesh Jetley a perfectionist to the core.

        I had the good fortune of closely knowing Mukkesh as a yound Dental student since his 1st BDS professional days. The fire in him to excel from the word go was exemplary. A boy who was totally lost in time and space spared no effort to be at the top whether it was studies, sports or being the editor of the college magazine or organizing the Annual Sports Day ofthe College; Which I remember was held after a span of almost a decade; thanks to the untiring efforts of Mukkesh Jetley. The College magazine was also his creation to near perfection at a short notice. An insatiable appetite to excel in everything, yet very simple, humble and patriotic.

        Dr. Mukkesh Jetley as a student had the perfect aptitude and attitude for Dentistry, which as we know is a combination of art and science. He stood Third in order of merit in his 1st professional examination owing to the fact that he had suffered from high viral fever for a month prior to the examination. However he stood First in order of merit in his second and thrid professional examinations and finally second in final BDS examinations. He was the recipients of the Silver Medal of the Indian Dental Association (IDA).

        Dr. Jetley was the College Captain in Table Tennis, Sports Secretary, General Secretary (nominated at the time of the emergency for the student who stood first in order of merit in the IIIrd professional examinations and who had not failed either in the first or second professional examinations). He was nominated to the staff and hospital council, and also was member of the senate.

        Dr. Jetley has been continuously engaged with a large number of institution both educational and charitable and has been working tirelessly for the last almost twenty years to bring about a sense of ‘Dental Health Awareness in India’in his own small humble way. He has both organized and has been part of Dental & Medical Health Camps, where he has personally examined and managed a very large number of individuals both children and adults from the very poor strata of society.

        Dr. Mukkesh Jetley has an excellent academic record as he was ‘Government of India Nominee’ to both his graduate and post-graduate studies in dentistry. He was selected as Dental Surgeon at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and also he is the first Dentist to be honored with the “Fellowship of the International Medical Science Academy” a rare unique distinction for a dentist. He also has an equally impressive extra-curricular activities record.

        Dr. Jetley is a God gifted Dentist whose expertise is of an exceptionally high caliber. I have personally experienced this on several occasions. My family and I hold him in the highest regards as a true professional and humane personality.

        I wish him all the success in the years to come.

1686, Sector IV, Urban Estate, Gurgaon, Haryana 95124-2315015