Endodontics – Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, commonly known as RCT, is one of the major procedures in the specialty of ENDODONTICS.

As the name suggests, is the treatment of the roots of an infected tooth, to save the tooth in the mouth life-long.

Dental Caries is the commonest disease in the world, affecting almost the whole population earth.

Dental Caries is caused by the attack of bacteria which makes a cavity in the enamel ( the outermost layer of the tooth) and the cavity increasingly penetrates into the second layer of the tooth, the Dentine and finally reaches the pulp chamber; from where the infection spreads into the roots of the tooth. This sets into motion a process of inflammation leading to the degeneration and disintegration of the pulpal tissues in the coronal and radicular (root) portion of the tooth. This is accompanied by symptoms of pain, sensitivity and swelling.

It is for such cases where the dental decay or caries has reached the pulpal tissues, that ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is initiated.

Root Canal Treatment involves the complete removal of the infected tissues from inside the roots of the teeth and after appropriately disinfecting them hermetically sealing the roots with Gutta Percha Protaper Points which are essentially medicated rubber points. This is followed by filling the cavity of the tooth. The procedure is painless under local Anesthesia. This is a one sitting procedure lasting about an hour.

The modern concept of root canal treatment involves the use of protaper instruments and GP points along with apex finders to locate the exact position of the tip of the root being aided by ultrasonics and use of EDTA and AH plus. In brief the most modern equipment, instruments and medication are employed under strict sterilization procedures and disposables to complete the procedure.

Root Canal Treatment is a painless one sitting procedure with guaranteed results at this clinic.

 After RCT, it is advisable to cap the tooth.

RCT is therefore the sure short treatment to save your tooth when the dental decay has reached the pulp.

Root Canal Treatment instruments.

  1. J. Morita Apex Locator, Japan

  2. Densply Maillefer Smart Plus Endomotor

  3. 2.5 X-R420 mm Loops