Prosthodontics is the specialized branch of dentistry associated with the clinical conditions of misiing or defective teeth and oral tissues.

Prosthodontic treatment

The treatment is designed to produce a balance between asthetics and functionality.

Dental Veneers

These are shell crowns which are used to restore the looks of the teeth they are ideally indicated in cases of hypoplesia, chips and cracks in the teeth including severe discoloration

Dental Crowns

These are also known as tooth caps and are designed to repair the damaged teeth. Crowns can be fabricated from metal, a combination of metal to porcelain but the latest concept is the all ceramic or metal free porcelain crown or procera crowns. They are completely biocompatible, asthetically beautiful and extremely hard to withstand the forces of mastication. The all ceramic crowns are in vogue these days.

Dental Bridges

These are prosthetic restorations which are fabricated on the principal of taking the support of two adjoining abudments which either could be the natural teeth or implants and restoring the missing tooth or teeth in between; thus the term bridge. A dental bridge is a fixed replacement for the missing teeth. The bridge either could be of metal, porcelain fused metal or the procera (all ceramic). Once fabricated the bridge is then cemented into position and functions as normal teeth.

Removal Partial Dentures

When 1 or more than one tooth is lost and has to be replaced by removal prosthesis then the removal partial denture is fabricated which could be either of plastic or metal.
The removal partial denture restores the chewing ability in addition to improving the appearance of the face.

Removable Complete Dentures

The removable complete denture is fabricated when all the teeth are extracted or are missing. The maxiallary and mandibular arches are then set to be edentulous.
The complete denture could be plastic or an alloy metal base which is extremely thin and light among the plastic materials in use is the “flexible dentures” and the unbreakable “lucitone” dentures. The teeth used are of the finest quality. The metal alloy denture base is advisable for the upper jaw (maxillary arch) which is edentulous (without teeth) and the lower jaw has natural teeth.