All oral and maxillofacial procedures are carried out at this clinic under strict asepsis conditions with guaranteed results ranging from simple extractions, through management of facial fractures and injuries to removal of dental cysts and tumors.

The procedures are carried out under Local or General Anesthesia depending on the case

Among the common procedures carried out are extractions, surgical removal of impactions, homogenous re-implantation of the teeth, removal of dental cysts and tumors, management of jaw fractures, surgical orthodontics and the like.

Homogenous Re-implantation of teeth

Did you know that the teeth which have accidentally been loosened from their sockets in the mouth and are avulsed out of the mouth owing to trauma to the face, can be placed back with an extremely high degree of success if the case is properly managed such a problem is encountered by children and adults.

The teeth which have fallen out of the mouth must be kept clean and moist and brought to the dentist as soon as possible. The earlier the better preferably the first 12 hours.

At the clinic the teeth properly disinfected and root-canalled and after appropriate management of the socket are carefully re-implanted and immobilized for about 10-12 weeks.

The above photographs of a 12 years boy who came to my clinic in emergency from school with a history of fall, where his left Maxillary Central Incisor was avulsed. The avulsed tooth was disinfected and root canal treated. The tooth was placed back in the socket and stabilized with orthodontic splinting.


Irregularly stiched tongue owing to wrong surgery


Corrective re-do surgery 2 days post surgery


One month post surgery

Homogenous Reimplantation.