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11 December, 1998


        I have had the good fortune and pleasure of knowing Dr. Mukkesh Jetley for close to 4 years. During that period Dr. Jetley has done extensive dental work on me ranging from surgery and capping to root-canal procedure and filling. In my estimation, having had dental work done for me in England, The United States and Australia, Dr. Mukkesh Jetley’s calibre of dental work is far superior and much more economical.

        My greatest recommendation, speaking from personal experience, is Dr. Jetley’s amazing ability to perform an operation on a client in a manner that is pain-free, that is fast, and that is precise even when engaged in performing the most intricate of dental operations.

        Dr. Mukkesh Jetley is a rare combination of the state of the art professional with a very personable human concern for and interest in the welfare of the client.

        As a professional Dr. Jetley does not just believe in keeping abreast of his subject but is forward-thinking, original and creative in coming up with new and alternative techniques that are aimed at providing his clients with hope in the field of dentistry for the new millennium.