I have closely known Dr.Mukkesh Jetley for almost two decades both personally and professionally. Dr. Jetley represents the pinnacle of what a Dentist-orthodontist can deliver today anywhere in the world. He is not only a symbol of his profession in the 21st century but he provides everything demanding personalities expect. His qualities of punctuality , personalized professional approach and a painless procedure are legendary. He has cultivated a dental professional etiquette that has redefined the modern day approach which is exemplary. You will find you oral health expectations more than fulfilled with Dr. Jetley. He has evolved highly innovative solutions to help his patients get relief almost instantly.

        Dr. Mukkesh Jetley has had a brilliant academic and extracurricular record, all along maintaining extremely cordial relations with his colleagues and professors. He was selected as Dental Surgeon at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Scineces (AIIMS) apart from being elected as “Fellow of the International Medical Science Academy” a rare distinction for a dentist. Dr. Jetley is a unique amalgamation of simplicity, humility along with being an extreme high performance professional.

        Dr. Mukkesh Jetly has spent almost twenty years trying to bring about ‘Dental health Awareness’ in various schools catering to the elite, the downtrodden, physically and psychologically challenged children in his own humble and gentle way, has considerably reduced the incidence of dental health related diseases. I know for a fact that he has been continuously engaged in this social service on an honorary basis in a large number of educational institutions. On the other hand he has organized and participated in free dental and medical camps for the poor where specialists have treated and distributed medicines on a large scale.

        He has had the honour and privilege to treat family members of one of the former Presidents of India, one of P.A’s to the Father of the Nation – Mahatma Gandhi, Senior Cabinet Minister, Diplomats, Bureaucrats, top Industrialists, senior Armed Forces Officers and their families, NRI’s, foreigners from across the globe and the poor of the society on the other hand.

        I wish him all the best in his future career.