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Are you looking for Best Orthodontist in Delhi ? So don’t waste your time & Visit Dr. Jetley’s Clinic very first.

Why Orthodontic Treatment at Dr. Jetley’s Clinic?

  1. Objective is to complete the orthodontic treatment by 12 years and not begin it.
  2. Shorter treatment time.
  3. Early intervention.
  4. Prevention of the malocclusion from developing at a certain age.
  5. Emphasis on non-extraction.
  6. Better results in less time.
  7. Excellent comfort.
  8. No rubber elastics to be changed by the patient periodically.
  9. Fewer appointments.
  10. Guaranteed results.


Straight teeth and a beautiful smile enhance the self-esteem and confidence of an individual. The oral health is improved and thereby the general health.

Remember, it is never too late to look and feel great.

No one likes to have teeth removed and a smile with a full display of teeth often produces a natural and nicer profile and smile.

Dr. Jetley offers unparalled results in a variety of orthodontic cases emphasizing on early orthodontic intervention and non-extraction treatment.

The benefits from good orthodontic treatment

  1. Straight teeth – Well aligned teeth and jaws
  2. Healthier gums – When the teeth are properly aligned the gingiva / gums are less prone to infection and inflammation leading to better periodontal health.
  3. Easier hygiene – With straight teeth a good oral hygiene can be maintained, which means less plaque build-up, tooth decay and periodontal disease.
  4. Improved chewing and speech – In come cases result from poorly positioned teeth and gums. Correction of mal-aligned teeth leads to improvement in chewing and speech.
  5. Less wear and tear of the teeth – Properly aligned teeth create less stress on supporting bone and joints in the jaw along with minimal attrition on the tooth surfaces.



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